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 Photometry and spectroscopy of HD 80606b (Hebrard+, 2010) ( GraphJ/A+A/516/A95/sophieP=111.4velocity and GraphJ/A+A/516/A95/sophieP=111.4IR-transit curves) izContenttimeSerie
    J/A+A/516/A95/spitzerSpitzer/IRAC photometry of HD80606 (as plotted in Fig. 2, middle panel of the paper) izContent{timeSerie} Exec{Vgraph}{J/A+A/516/A95/./spitzer}{P=111.4}{(Transit curve)} (31767 rows)
    J/A+A/516/A95/sophieOHP/SOPHIE radial velocity measurements of HD80606 and uncertainties (as plotted in Figs. 3 and 7 of the paper) izContent{timeSerie} Exec{Vgraph}{J/A+A/516/A95/./sophie}{P=111.4}{(Velocity curve)} (105 rows)

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