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 Multi-epoch photometry of δ Ori (Mayer+, 2010) izContenttimeSerie
    J/A+A/520/A89/rvRadial velocities measurements ( Graph{J/A+A/520/A89/./rv}{P=1.2028287}{Velocity Curve}) (906 rows)
    J/A+A/520/A89/tablea1Journal of available RV observations (16 rows)
    J/A+A/520/A89/table2aPhotometry by Stebbins (1915ApJ....42..133S), Storer (1930PASP...42..291S), Worley (1955PASP...67..330W) and Koch & Hrivnak (1981ApJ...248..249K), izContent{timeSerie}( Graph{J/A+A/520/A89/./table2a}{P=1.2028287}{Light Curve}) (459 rows)
    J/A+A/520/A89/table24Photometry of Johnson et al. (1966, CoLPL, 4, 99) green and blue izContent{timeSerie}( Graph{J/A+A/520/A89/./table24}{P=1.2028287}{Light Curve}) (5 rows)
    J/A+A/520/A89/table27HIPPARCOS photometry, Perryman et al. (1997, I/239) izContent{timeSerie}( Graph{J/A+A/520/A89/./table27}{P=1.2028287}{Light Curve}) [ MORE{-source=1311/hip2&HIP=25930}{HIP}] (89 rows)
    J/A+A/520/A89/table28This paper, δ Ori UBV photometry made at Hvar izContent{timeSerie}( Graph{J/A+A/520/A89/./table28}{P=1.2028287}{Light Curve}) (149 rows)
    J/A+A/520/A89/table2eThis paper, ε Ori UBV photometry made at Hvar izContent{timeSerie}( Graph{J/A+A/520/A89/./table2e}{Light Curve} of object{eps Ori}) (21 rows)

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