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 Effective SEDs of IR galaxies at various z (Bethermin+, 2013) izContentspectrum/SED
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1.J/A+A/557/A66/sedTable of the effective SEDs izContent{spectrum/SED}(wGraph{J/A+A/557/A66}{-x0=5&-x1=5000&-l&x&-l&y}{SED plot}) (151 rows)

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  recno  Record number assigned by the VizieR team. Should Not be used for identification. (meta.record)
  lambda um [5/5000] Wavelength λ (µm) (em.wl)
  nuLnu0  SED νLν(λ) at z=0 (wGraph{J/A+A/557/A66/nuLnu0}{-x0=5&-x1=5000&-l&x&-l&y}{SED}) (stat.param)
  nuLnu2  SED νLν(λ) at z=0.2 (wGraph{J/A+A/557/A66/nuLnu2}{-x0=5&-x1=5000&-l&x&-l&y}{SED}) (stat.param)
  nuLnu4  SED νLν(λ) at z=0.4 (wGraph{J/A+A/557/A66/nuLnu4}{-x0=5&-x1=5000&-l&x&-l&y}{SED}) (stat.param)
  nuLnu6  SED νLν(λ) at z=0.6 (wGraph{J/A+A/557/A66/nuLnu6}{-x0=5&-x1=5000&-l&x&-l&y}{SED}) (stat.param)
  nuLnu8  SED νLν(λ) at z=0.8 (wGraph{J/A+A/557/A66/nuLnu8}{-x0=5&-x1=5000&-l&x&-l&y}{SED}) (stat.param)
  nuLnu10  SED νLν(λ) at z=1.0 (wGraph{J/A+A/557/A66/nuLnu10}{-x0=5&-x1=5000&-l&x&-l&y}{SED}) (stat.param)
  nuLnu12  SED νLν(λ) at z=1.2 (wGraph{J/A+A/557/A66/nuLnu12}{-x0=5&-x1=5000&-l&x&-l&y}{SED}) (stat.param)
  nuLnu14  SED νLν(λ) at z=1.4 (wGraph{J/A+A/557/A66/nuLnu14}{-x0=5&-x1=5000&-l&x&-l&y}{SED}) (stat.param)
  nuLnu16  SED νLν(λ) at z=1.6 (wGraph{J/A+A/557/A66/nuLnu16}{-x0=5&-x1=5000&-l&x&-l&y}{SED}) (stat.param)
  nuLnu18  SED νLν(λ) at z=1.8 (wGraph{J/A+A/557/A66/nuLnu18}{-x0=5&-x1=5000&-l&x&-l&y}{SED}) (stat.param)
  nuLnu20  SED νLν(λ) at z=2.0 (wGraph{J/A+A/557/A66/nuLnu20}{-x0=5&-x1=5000&-l&x&-l&y}{SED}) (stat.param)
  nuLnu23  SED νLν(λ) at z=2.33 (wGraph{J/A+A/557/A66/nuLnu23}{-x0=5&-x1=5000&-l&x&-l&y}{SED}) (stat.param)
  nuLnu26  SED νLν(λ) at z=2.66 (wGraph{J/A+A/557/A66/nuLnu26}{-x0=5&-x1=5000&-l&x&-l&y}{SED}) (stat.param)
  nuLnu30  SED νLν(λ) at z=3.0 (wGraph{J/A+A/557/A66/nuLnu30}{-x0=5&-x1=5000&-l&x&-l&y}{SED}) (stat.param)
  nuLnu35  SED νLν(λ) at z=3.5 (wGraph{J/A+A/557/A66/nuLnu35}{-x0=5&-x1=5000&-l&x&-l&y}{SED}) (stat.param)
  nuLnu40  SED νLν(λ) at z=4.0 (wGraph{J/A+A/557/A66/nuLnu40}{-x0=5&-x1=5000&-l&x&-l&y}{SED}) (stat.param)
  nuLnu50  SED νLν(λ) at z=5.0 (wGraph{J/A+A/557/A66/nuLnu50}{-x0=5&-x1=5000&-l&x&-l&y}{SED}) (stat.param)

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